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I saw some posts saying YH sunk their ship? Uhm, they still have their friendSHIP! D -A friend whom you can call when you got into an accident. Same mag interview confirms that YH alone indeed visited SH in the hospital aside from the visit with HS casts and when filming was held and SH cried in front of YH due to her pain -A friend who can give you bouquet of flowers when you win an award, for the 2nd time! Well I agree that the 1st time was kinda scripted since they have a show to promote. But the 2nd time seals their true friendSHIP! But now that she followed all of her friends again, she followed CNB the last one!

This two friends are following each other again. So which SHIP again is sinking? They still have their friendSHIP! So what if he denied that they're dating? And so what if they are? It's their private lives anyway. Whatever will blossom with their friendSHIP is just for us to wait and see: Ohwell, JH said in an interview that their company doesn't mind them dating as long as it's not public and SH said she'd rather die than for her relationship to go public.

YH composed that song right.

[RUMOR] CNBLUE Jungshin is dating actress Park Soojin

None of Girl's Day decide to renew their contracts. Please let's just enjoy their performances only and not gossip about. Anonymous October 10, at cnblue dating rumor August 4, at 4: Anonymous August 6, at He never feel cnblue dating rumor of them any love. Sunye once named him too in a show back in So happy for her now that she's marriedthen the other actress in Iris not Kim Tae HeeDasom from Sistar wants to have a duet with him and Bora was captured ogling at him in SBS con in LA the pics of that was really cute and funny at the same time and recently Sunny Hill's SeungAh named him her ideal type. Whether he has changed his mind or the rumor is false, only Min Hyuk knows the truth. Joo Jin Mo's doctor girlfriend earns attention for her beautiful looks. This rumour or otherwise will in reality only affect .

And Hongstar even said that he can't be that friend ever in which they both agreed. I want your opinion on jang keun suk tweet to park shin hye. I think the flowers were from jang keun suk.

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LOL I said it in the previous comment Shinhye is a super private person and not an attention lover like JGS I doubt that he'd do that if they are dating Fans just think too much The funny thing is these are the speculations from international fans when netizens think he is dating with another girl and Yonghye together LOL If I had to choose to believe in 1 side in this situation ifans vs kfans I'd take kfans 's side. They are like the FBI tbh, not to mention it's their people culture language and What ifans get are just from them and imagine as they want Anyway, can we drop it because she doesn't need these shipping rumors in her life right now?

It might provide entertainment for some to come up with statements about them but it should stop once they had both denied it publicly.

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They are good friends and should not have to pay a heavy duty for that. They have earned our respect through their amazing talents and personalities and in return we should let them have peace of mind too. I felt saddened on reading PSH's latest interview on how upsetting it is for her to come across these recurring articles about this matter.

Similarly, JYH has also said that people have misunderstood their close friendship. Why can't people leave this topic and talk about their performances and how much joy is given by their songs, dramas etc. There is no doubt about is that they are one of the most charismatic on screen pair who happen to be good friends too. The drama HS has a huge following because of them an the music.

It does not mean that they are romantically involved. It is just wishful thinking on part of so many because they love them sincerely and do not wish them any harm. I was so amused to see articles about JYH and female entertainers in just this week. Just goes to show there is nothing romantic between him and PSH. Of course I'm trolling. I just want to point out that it's so easy to make up stories on the internet. And K-netizens are so savvy when it comes to this and when they want to believe something, they continue to believe it even if it's proved otherwise e.

Appreciate abt their carrier They are back with their lovely projects. Yonghwa even said their relationship more than bf-gf.. My heart is almost broken about this article since i always think that it was Seohyun from SNSD who was dating with Yongwha in his real life. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Golbinnom January 26, at 4: Anonymous January 26, at 4: Anonymous January 26, at 5: Anonymous January 28, at TK January 26, at 4: Taka January 26, at 4: Duckie January 26, at 5: Anonymous January 26, at 6: LadyH January 26, at 6: Anonymous January 26, at 7: Jen January 26, at 7: January 26, at 8: Isabella Marie January 26, at 8: Anonymous January 26, at 9: Anonymous January 27, at Anonymous January 27, at 5: P January 26, at Daniela Tamashiro Kano January 26, at Anonymous January 26, at Yemima Situmorang January 26, at Yemima Situmorang January 27, at Yemima Situmorang January 27, at 1: Anonymous January 27, at 7: LadyH January 27, at 5: Golbinnom January 27, at 6: Imhotep II January 27, at 7: SalmaYousefSweilem January 27, at 8: Yemima Situmorang January 27, at 9: Diaz January 27, at Adriana January 27, at 4: Yemima Situmorang January 28, at Anonymous January 28, at 5: Ong Ying Yi January 28, at 9: Nurul Hasniza January 29, at 7: January 29, at 9: Anonymous January 30, at 8: Anonymous January 31, at 1: Anonymous February 1, at 7: L February 27, at 1: LoL February 27, at 1: Who do you think has been caught dating by media?

Yong Hwa Yong Hwa has been hit on by many girls but he turned all of them down since he does not want to be in a relationship where he is unable to commit with when he is too busy with his profession. That is why he probably has no girlfriend at the moment. Yong Hwa likes a girl with a kind-looking face and has a noble image.

Old relationship with a girl His former girlfriend was a girl from when he was in middle school. He brought the girl home and introduced her to his parents. The parents approved that she was pretty. I understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but you should not bash Yong or any other person this way.. Have you seen him personally?

Who is Jung Youg Hwa’s girlfriend Lovelife about Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE

Are you handsome or pretty? For me, JYH is handsome not only because of his appearance but his personality and character. A person is best known by the friends he has and company he keeps. He has some excellent ones among his bandmates and PSH to name a few He has had them over many years. Obviously, they must really like him. Lastly, a person who can come up with such beautiful music How can we even think of him as ugly? Please do not jealous shin hye she is best couple with each man Seohyun Someone who is really ugly.

Shin Hye is a simple young lady who doesn't need frills to be noticed. She is beautiful I feel inside and out. No makeup or any pretension needed but I do indeed see something in yong hwas and shin hyes eyes though. I am too old to argue with any group but this is just my observation.

Let yonghwa seohyun and shinhye with their friendships. And we as their fans keep supporting them What stupid said shin hye is ugly?? Its such sad state of affairs that two lovely artists are being called ugly and being put down because of some misguided sense of loyalty by few overzealous fans.

Fans Have Been Waiting 8 Years For CNBLUE’s Yonghwa And Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun To Date

Honestly, if any of the members are likely cnblue dating rumor be gay imo, it's Minhyuk lol. That's what I am saying We don't need this gossip and certainly, Yong Hwa and Shin Hye don't deserve something like. I find Minhyuk more attractive in the group. This guy is, however, idealizing a woman who is feminine and has long hair with a sunny smile. I have seen it many times lol And netizens need to relax, he is a hyung and sometimes you have to be certain way when you work n live together for so long. And always respecting each other no one knows the truly heart both of them yongseo, yongshin, yongzy or the other OTP. I like and admire many people but for me Shinhye is someone special. They are just one facet, one view of the many different views that exist. Red Velvet Irene 'looking like a female lead in a tragic drama' Source: When they were awkward and shy at programs, Jung Yong Hwa was the one who work so hard at variety shows. I don't cnblue dating rumor Jong Hyun can do whatever Yong Hwa did during their rookie days Since both are sincere and open about their friendship therefore speculations and rumours arise. Without facts it's just speculation.

Why can they not agree to like one more than the other. I like PSH more but it does not stop me from admiring Seohyun's talents and ladylike mannerisms. Similarly, we can surely back our favorite pairings without bashing anyone who has a differing opinion from us.

CNBLUE's Yonghwa reveals a very popular female idol asked him for his number

Its true coz they started it what u do comes back to you. AND its not good to compare them. WHERE in reality she is much more beautifull than you think that's why she got to act with all hot and good looking oppas that you think.. I haven't seen her personally but i see every news and videos of her.

Who has a Girlfriend in CNBLUE?

On the early days of FNC Entertainment, they produced bands such as FT Island and CNBLUE. Even though there are only a few bands in the. CNBLUE which stands for Code Name Burning Lovely Untouchable Min Hyuk faced a dating rumor with an actress under the same agency.

I like and admire many people but for me Shinhye is someone special. When bedridden for few mnths,I accidently started watching first kdrama 'You're Beautiful" while surfing the net.

Yonghwa denies he's dating Park Shin Hye, nobody believes him ~ Netizen Buzz

I was totally hooked on it. I marvelled at the innocence, cuteness and adorable expressions of PSH. She did not dress up or put on any makeup, the character sometimes was dumb but the minor flaws were overshadowed by her. I forgot my pain. That curiousity about her led me to follow her for a year and a half. Since then my admiration and liking for her keeps growing.

Hats off to her parents for raising a wonderful human being and to PSH herself for being who she is without being affected by all the fame and artificiality of the entertainment world. It is because of her that now I know a lot about Korea, its culture, and history. It is through her that I was introduced to others in the industry.

She is a true ambassador of Korea. Coming back to this article and comments made Surely, we have the capability to admire and like in varying degrees, many people in a lifetime. They did all that nonsenses towards our princess..?? Those potatoes really too much.. N dont blame us if that happen, Seriously.. I love yonghwa for shinhye.. Lets read the interview Jonghyun and Yonghwa's 50 question You're source is natepann? First of all, both YongShin and YongSeo are on-screen tandem unless Yonghwa admits being with either one of them I won't believe this, especially if this is from nate pann, lmao.

I believe that YongShin and YongSeo had developed a sincere friendship and that's it.